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NO: Grupp/Artist Titel Typ Utg. År.
HTR701 Snutjävel Ett Liv I Panik 7″ 2009
HTR702 Snutjävel Falköping Hardcore 7″ 2007
HTR703 Snutjävel Eran Stad/Våran verklighet 7″ 2007
HTR704 Snutjävel Dollar och Dödstraff 7″ 2005
HTR705 CDCP 046 Hate Brigade MCD 2009
HTR706 Suicide Syndicate Dead Generation 10″ 2009
HTR707 Vervain Rigshospitalet CD 2009
HTR708 CDCP Brass Knuckle Bonanza MCD 2009
HTR709 Bristles Reflections Of The Bourgeois Society CD 2010
HTR710 Cremators Cremators MCD 2010
HTR711 Bristles Reflections Of The Bourgeois Society LP 2010
HTR712 Sir Reg Sir Reg MCD 2010
HTR713 Old Fashioned Ideas We’re in this shit together LP 2011
HTR714 South City Locos Punkrock´s Dead CD 2011
HTR715 Suicide Syndicate LP
HTR716 Fubbix Utanför Systemet CD 2011
HTR717 Old Fashioned Ideas Fight Back 7″ 2011
HTR718 The Negatives / Vitiators Switchlight Records Split Vol.1 MCD 2011
HTR719 Oldfashioned Ideas Promises means nothing CD 2012
HTR720 Anti Seen New Blood CD 2012
HTR721 Anti Seen New Blood LP 2012
HTR722 Vindicate This Hard Feelings 7″ 2012
Sir Reg Sir Reg MCD 2012
HTR724 Projekt Ekan Projekt Ekan LP 2013
HTR725 Suicide Syndicate Watch It Fall 7″ 2013
HTR726 Fiendens Musik Häftiga Hästen CD 2013
HTR727 John Bull Gang Shoot! Digi 2013
HTR728 Suicide Syndicate In It For Life LP 2013
HTR729 Lexington Field No Man’s War CD 2013
HTR730 Miners Outfit Ghost Digi EP 2013
HTR731 Gunhild Carling and The Carling Big Band Varité CD 2013
HTR732 Gunhild Carling Winter’s Day CDs 2013
HTR733 Gunhild Carling and The Carling Big Band Swing Out CD 2013
HTR734 Ramshackle Army Letters From The Road Less Travelled CD 2014
HTR735 Miners Outfit Inside of You Digi single 2014
HTR736 Miners Outfit Barriers EP Digi single 2014
HTR737 Wild Wax Combo Jungle Fever Digi album 2014
HTR738 The Don Darlings The Don Darlings CD 2014
HTR739 The Don Darlings The Don Darlings LP 2014
HTR740 The Bramleys The Bramleys Digi album 2014
HTR741 The Clan The Clan CD 2014
HTR743 Gunhild Carling and The Carling Big Band Harlem Joy CD 2015
HTR744 Gunhild Carling and The Carling Big Band Jazz Variete DVD 2015

SIR REG – Sir Reg – APX Music (APR002) 2010
1. Feck The Celtic Tiger
2. Arrive On ST patrick´s Day3. Drink Up Ya Sinners
4. Strait Of Magellan
5. Coi´mhthich
6. Golden Days
7. Capti´n´s Jig
8. Tomorrow´s The Day

CREMATORS – Cremators – CDM – (EYE 001) – Oct. 2010

1. You Gotta be Dead
2. We Are The Cremators
3. Half Past Crazy
4. My Saving Grace
5. Honey I´m Home
6. The Man from E.V.I.L.BRISTLES – Reflections of the Bourgeois Society – CD (Switchlight)/LP (Switchlight, Anarkopunx, Noise of Sweden) – 2010
xxxxCDCP – Brass Knuckle Bonanza -Switchlight Records – (HTR708) MCD – 2009VERVAIN – Rigshospitalet (HTR007) CD – 2009
SUICIDE SYNDICATE – Dead Generation (HTR706) vinyl 10″ – 2008
CDCP – 040 Hatebrigade (HTR705) MCD – 2008
SNUTJÄVEL – Dollar och Dödsstraff (HTR704) vinyl 7″ – 2005
SNUTJÄVEL – Eran Stad/Våran Verklighet (HTR703) vinyl 7″ – 2007
SNUTJÄVEL – Falköping Hardcore (HTR702) vinyl 7″ – 2007
SNUTJÄVEL – Ett Liv i Panik (HTR701) vinyl 7″ – 2009

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