• Founded in 2002 in Lund in the south of Sweden, we released our 1st record, a co-operation with Jordan’s Drive. Second release was Gunhild Carling “That’s My Desire”, at that time most focused on Swing revival style but now we have a lot different styles.
  • Influences are Bomp Records, Gearhead Records, People Like You, Rhino Records, Crypt Records etc…
  • The last years have seen HepTown Records grow into being one of the leading underground labels of Scandinavia!
  • HepTown Records is based in the the south of Sweden in Lund.
  • We are open minded and love everything with an edge!!!
  • We been releasing records in style of rockabilly, punkrock, americana, country, psychobilly, garage, new wave, surf, ska, jazz, lounge, celtic and other music styles that we like.

Distribution by:
Sound Pollution
Cargo Music Germany
Sonic Rendevouz

HepTown Records
Box 1037
221 04 Lund