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Untamed – Delicious Death… (180g vinyl)

Posted: 31st August 2009 by heptownrecords in Records
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Untamed – Delicious Death… (180g vinyl) 500 Ltd. Copys After the two albums Eerie Stories (2003) and Strange Unknown (2005) – both on Heptown Records – The Untamed have prepared another journey into the darker sides of human behavior with the new album Delicious Death (2009). Recorded live in two sessions, at Delta Lab Studio […]

President Fetch – Cruel Beats…Gently Slumbering (LP) To say that President Fetch is an institution in Danish punkrock is a gross understatement! This year, the Copenhagen boys celebrate their 20th anniversary with their 3rd album, “Cruel Beats…Gently Slumbering”, their first in 14 years. And they’ve never sounded more vital and fresh than now, slaying every […]

Untamed – Strange Unknown (LP)

Posted: 26th August 2005 by heptownrecords in Records
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Untamed – Strange Unknown (LP) Sequels are usually weaker than the original, but “Strange Unknown” improves on already documented truimphs and conquests as the thirteen rock’n’roll nitro parasites eat their way into your defenseless skull. The Untamed are seasoned creatures of the Copenhagen rock’n’roll and punkrock scene (The Burnouts, Hellvis Deadly, Jetsons etc.) but age […]

Screamin' Eric – Shake It! (LP)

Posted: 30th June 2004 by heptownrecords in Records
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Screamin’ Eric – Shake It! (LP) SCREAMIN’ ERIC’s second album on HepTown records is once more filled with catchy songs played with shitloads of energy. But whereas the predecessor “Freak Show” was more one-dimensional in it’s sound and style, “Shake It” presents a broader selection of songs rooted in mid-sixties garage rock and soul stomp, […]

Screamin' Eric – Freak Show [LP]

Posted: 3rd April 2004 by heptownrecords in Records
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Screamin’ Eric – Freak Show [LP] Danish garage-rock veterans mix their own coctail on sixties influences adding old blues. As getting the sound that been a big influence of todays garage bands all over the world! Where named as one of Denmark’s best punk release during all time… Taste that!!! A Track listing: 1. Freak […]

Untamed – Eerie Stories [LP Vinyl]

Posted: 8th February 2004 by heptownrecords in Records
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Untamed – Eerie Stories [LP Vinyl] A stripped down cocktail of fuzzed up swingpunk and voodoobilly. Track listing: 1. The Big Black Cat 2. Papa Bumwallah 3. Why Do I? 4. Demons Of The Past 5. Soul For Sale 6. Skeleton Dance 7. She Tried To Be Good 8. Reborn Teenage Rock Messiah 9. I […]