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Cherry Overdrive – I'll Be Gone (7")

Posted: 22nd October 2009 by heptownrecords in Records
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Cherry Overdrive – I’ll Be Gone (7″) [7" Vinyl] 55.00SEK Hard Hitting Tittie Swinging Cherrylicious… New songs, old cherries, new cherries, new guitars, old drums, no more whisky and all the beers are gone. Cherry Overdrive are back and with a spanking new 7″ vinyl EP ‘l’ll Be Gone’ – two swinging rock tunes that […]

Cherry Overdrive – Our Sound (7")

Posted: 17th September 2008 by heptownrecords in Records
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Cherry Overdrive – Our Sound (7″) [7" Vinyl] 49.00SEK Cherry Overdrive took some time out of their touring schedule last fall and decided to spend it in the studio. They came up with this brilliant 7″, “Our Sound”. The EP contains two tracks of loud rock ‘n roll coloured with 60s garage and 70s stone […]

President Fetch – Victimized 7"

Posted: 15th July 2007 by heptownrecords in Records
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President Fetch – Victimized 7″ First single from President Fetch’s twentieth anniversary album, Victimized. The tracks on the B side, “Phenemal Liberation” and “Gomel”, where recorded live by DR Rytmisk at the great Gutter Island festival 2006.08.26. Limited Edition 500 Copys in milk white vinyl! Side A: 1. Victimized Side B: 2. Phenemal Liberation 3. […]

Untamed – Cannibal King "7

Posted: 15th July 2005 by heptownrecords in Uncategorized
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Untamed – Cannibal King It might be a cold night for alligators in Texas, but here in Copenhagen its a hot dawn for ghouls and ghoulettes. Its the dawn of the long awaited sequel to The Untamed’s debut album, “Eerie Stories” (Heptown Rec. ´03), which established the three headed twang monster as one of Denmark’s […]