Untamed – Cannibal King “7

Untamed – Cannibal King

It might be a cold night for alligators in Texas, but here in Copenhagen its a hot dawn for ghouls and ghoulettes. Its the dawn of the long awaited sequel to The Untamed’s debut album, “Eerie Stories” (Heptown Rec. ´03), which established the three headed twang monster as one of Denmark’s most exciting combos both on wax and at the live venues in Northern Europe.

The videotrack as the first single “The Cannibal King”, from the upcoming album “Strange Unknown”, a track so fierce Reverend Horton-Heat would’ve sold his soul and sideburns to write an equal. Marco Burro’s scorching guitar tears new assholes in the ozone layer, yet his singing and hollering has never sounded more superior and catchy. His wife Helle Hellcat’s piledriving bass erupts in volcanic explosions, and Jakob’s rabid caveman voodoo drums perfectly completes this lethal rhythm section.

Track listing:


1. Cannibal King


1. Graveyard Rats

2. Little Sister

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