Cremators – Cremators – MCD – out now!

FLAMING HOT ROCK´n`ROLL“Give us guitars and gasoline and everything’s allright – Doublebass, drums and dynamite sticks, we’re gonna have a blast tonight”

All good things to those who wait. Yes, now it’s finally here, The Cremators first EP. It was really supposed to be released in the beginning of 2009, but with one of the guitarists quitting, the band chose to prioritize the hunt for a replacement instead, which would turn out to be a little harder than expected.

Now it’s time to unveil this debut work though, and those who have heard The Cremators earlier demos know to expect kickass psychobilly, injected with a healthy dose of rock’n’roll, and the six tracks reach from the more rockabilly sounding to faster, harder songs. All of this with the distinct voice of Lucas Arson in the front.

The Cremators was founded in 2005 by five guys who thought that the swedish psychobilly scene needed both new thinking and a new spark. They’re trying to use their diverse musical background in punk, hardcore, metal and rock’n’roll to create something outside the cliches and try to attract new listeners to an otherwise sadly overlooked genre.

 This is simply flaming hot rock’n’roll!

 Line up:
Lucas Arson – Vocals
Rev. Hellbound – Doublebass & backing vocals
Mack Attack – Guitar
Boogie Ollie – Guitar & backing vocals
Mad Max – Drums 

1. You Gotta be Dead
2. We Are The Cremators
3. Half Past Crazy
4. My Saving Grace
5. Honey I´m Home
6. The Man from E.V.I.L.

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