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“The Astrolites : Play for Keeps – CD; Heptown Records;
(Album Kindly Submitted by Sonic Rendezvous )

Style : Rockabilly
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Since their debut “Hard Luck” in 2007, the band has been playing and gigging around Europe showing of what it means to be a “rock and roll star”. Uncrowned Kings of the rockabilly scene these guys bring you “Hi-Speed Rockabilly” as they tag their music.

Their sound is pure and honest and comes with a passion for Hot Rods, Pin-Ups, Motorcycles and everything in between. The band shared stages with many of the great names in the scene and that makes them only stronger if you ask me! “Play for Keeps” comes with 13 tunes that mixes influences from Be-bop, Swing, Rockabilly, Surf as well as from Psychobilly and Punk. The sound is captivating for sure and before you know it, you start toe-tapping.

Songs like “Rock and Roll Star”, the instrumental “Astrolito” or “Here I am” defines what it means to be authentic these days. With a dose of real music blasting out of the speakers this album can’t go wrong anymore! On “I’m coming Home” the band brings you something different and with “Go Rebel Go” they even throw in some all time rock and roll vibes with a close harmony-like refrain. They live what they preach, says the publicity sheet and it seems that this is quite honest for once. This Swedish trio loves to jump and jive and while doing so they give the vibes to the complete audience.

Thirteen notorious rockabilly tunes released on Swedish finest label, Heptown Records, sure is a great idea to bring with you on that upcoming winter dance party by the end of the month. While three years still is an awful long time to wait for an album it was worth every second of it! Order you copy now.

Mr. Blue Boogie.

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