SIR REG releases Far Away — a single from their forthcoming album out on Heptown Records in October 2011

The song is released in April in honour of the 95th anniversary of the “Easter Rising”, an attempt by Irish republicans in 1916 to end the British rule in order to establish the Irish Republic. The song pays homage to the young Irish soldiers who fought and died in WW1 in infantries under the British Army. Many fought with the notion that their efforts would help further the cause for an independent Ireland, free from British rule.

The Easter Rising started in Ireland on April the 24th, 1916 and lasted one week. Meanwhile WW1 was in full swing and young Irish soldiers fought in the trenches in France. Among these were The Royal Dublin Fusiliers, an Irish Infantry Regiment of the British Army, and they kept fighting at the same time as the Rising was happening back home in Ireland. In the middle of the seven day Rising, on the night of the 27th of April, the Royal Dublin Fusiliers suffered a heavily-concentrated German chlorine gas attack which left 135 soldiers dead and 351 wounded. This song tells their story.

Although the times were different, the song remains the same. History keeps repeating itself. Even today soldiers are stuck in hellish places and dream of friends, family and loved ones back home. The one’s who survive to come home, will be forever scarred.

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