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Go Prime Time, Honey! CD
[Heptown] Oh, due to the the cheesy sleevephoto (retrostyled
girls on mopeds) I was expecting boring 60ies-girlrock
from this all-female band from Copenhagen. But the record
starts off pretty good and reminds me a bit of snappy
female-fronted bands like BELLRAYS, DETROIT COBRAS or
ROTTEN APPLES. The foot is not constantly on the gas in the
music but the vocals are very dark and soulful.When it comes
to guitar-solos CHERRY OVERDRIVE go more the 70ies-Rock
direction but without too much Scandinavian Schweinerockwanking.
Sounds quite okay, but the first mistake comes with
the third song »Destemonia«. A total lame semi-ballad that
totally thwarts the whole album-flow… Unfortunately the
record doesn’t really turn upward from that point. It’s not
totally bad, but the songs don’t really rock anymore and
somehow the wind is out of the sails for this album… (Bernd)

Innan Livet Exploderar CD
[Heptown] Wow, this is real good stuff! NOBELKOMMITÉN
play fine oldschool Sweden-Punk. No clichés, a cool gruff
voice, a big portion of Rock’n’Roll and very good songwriting
with songs that really stick to the ear. Those guys really know
how to play great melodies and a timeless sound. Imagine
old Swedish heroes mixed up with a dash of SOCIAL DISTORTION,
CLASH or even the old German SLIME, who basically
were a great Rock’n’Roll influenced Punkband before they
started their embarrassing »old farts« comeback some time
ago… I think the guys in NOBELKOMMITÉN are active in
Punkbands since the 80ies, too, but this album is everything
else than embarrassing. This is really neat Punkrock, the way
it should be! (Bernd)

I All Hast CD
[Heptown] Hm, somehow I can’t warm towards this band. In
their best moments they remind me of Copenhagen’s ASSASSINATORS,
in their weak moments of poor sheeter-melodycore
like PENNYWISE. Especially this stupid melodycore-drumbeat
bothers me, you can haunt me with that! The most innovative
thing is that they sing in Swedish, but 17 songs that sound all
the same is a little bit too much for me. I’m outta here…

30 CD
[Heptown] Don’t mix them up with the TROUBLEMAKERS from
the US of A, cos this is Rock’n’Roll influenced (Street-)Punk
from Göteborg with all Swedish lyrics. The CD is called »30«,
there are 30 songs on it and – you already guessed it – the
band is around for 30 years now and this is their birthdaycomp.
The music is relatively perfect played »veteran-
Punkrock« … most of the songs are quite okay but I often feel
a lack of juvenile exuberance. And: 30 songs is really too
much for me, especially cuz the TROUBLEMAKERS drift into
some really lame rockmusic-standards on some of the latter
tunes. But if you’re interested in Swedish Punkrock in general
this album might be worth checking out, even though the
cover-artwork looks like an Ed-Hardy-design and the song
»Eins zwei Polizei« is not a MO-DO coverversion, haha.

Tastee 29 7”
[Heptown] As far as I know this band is known for »Punk
Cabaret« with burlesque interludes. Actually, I’m not a big
fan of this »fashion stuff«, but at least the music is okay
here. Some Berlin VIP-Rockabilly-cats are on duty here and
out come 2 cool simple catchy swinging tunes, with good
female vocals. Nothing too spectacular but all in all good
stuff. Nice colorful sleeve, too. (Bernd)

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