SIR REG – A Sign Of The Times
If you imagine the Dropkick Murphy’s, Flogging Molly, The Men They Couldn’t Hand and The Pogues all rolled into one then you’d be pretty close to how Sir Reg sound. The band consists of an Irish vocalist backed by Swedish musicians who between them both really …know how to bang out a great… tune.

I love the Celtic-Punk sound here and combined with the socially aware lyrics I have to say that Sir Reg really need to be checked out! This eleven track album hasn’t been off my player since picking it up last weekend. From the opening track ‘A Sign Of The Times’ you know you’re going to be treated to something special. Tracks like ‘How The Hell Can You Sleep?’, ‘This Country’s For Sale’, ‘Far Away’, ‘Living On The Moon’ and ‘Dublin City’ really do it for me.

‘A Sign Of The Times’ is an album that certainly deserves your attention both for it’s great music and inspirational lyrics. I really can’t recommend this enough!


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