Sir Reg ~ A sign of the times (2011)

With „A sign of the times“, Sir Reg deliver an successor which is at least as explosive as the first self titled album. With the irishman Brendan Sheehy on the leadvocals and the swedish colleagues on the instruments, the band creates a genius mixture in which the best components of celtic rock and punk are united.

Right from the start, the opener and title song „a sign of the times“ thunders with such a presence and catchiness out of the boxes, that you might think the band shoots its wad. A mindblowing melody, which is perfectly carried by the instruments, conjures pictures of longing and hope. When you hear that track, the energy of the hookline literally knock’s your socks off. Immediately, bands like REM and Travis came into my mind, with which Sir Reg could easily compete musically. Fortunately, the album keeps the promise it gives with the first song and the other songs convince even the most spoiled ear.

In their songs Sir Reg sing aubout emigration, the small and big fights of life, desperation and the way out of it. With music like on „A sign of the times“, that’s no problem! Except for „Dublin city“, the whole album ist charcterized by a high tempo. The songs are played fast and powerful without losing the sensitivity. Songs like „Dying to rebel“ „How the hell can you sleep“ and „Living on the moon“ proof that this band is not only in control of its instruments, but also of the songwriting and that’s no matter of course! Before Sir Reg was founded in 2009, they have been touring a long time as a cover band. Their perosonal favorites like The Pogues, Horslips, Flogging Molly, The Beatles, The Dubliners and Dropkick Murphy’s functioned as “song supplier” and of course you can tell these influences. Attributes like lovely combine with energetic, combative and melancholic.

„This country’s for sale“ or „I’ll leave for New York“ have hit potential, there’s no doubt and they stand as an artistic exclamation mark for the talent that these musicians put in their work. Strings are played until they glow, drums and vocal cords are quaking and the listener remains with a feeling that only goog music is able to give: Total happiness!

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