New Single and Video From The Bristles

This is the new The Bristles single “Spirit Way”. In Sweden, the day before Midsummer, Thursday 20th, is this year’s most frequented at the liquor stores, and in its footsteps follows drunkenness, brawl and anxiety.

It’s a song about drug abuse. An abuse the members of the band have put behind them.

Spirit way is a translation from Chinese from around year 0. It’s the road leading to the tomb of an emperor or othermajor dignitary. Dance of Death, danse macabre, etc is from 15th century Catholicism, when Death comes to collect you, regardless of social class, to dance along to your grave. The drugs make you feel like an emperor. Then you die like everyone else.

Live: Ted Dawidson
Video: Dan Andersson
Single cover: Saga Jönsson Ukkola


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