SIR REG Best Album 2013 at Paddy Rock

SIR REG new album “21st Century Loser” best album 2013 in Paddy Rock!

HTR066_SIR_REG_21st_CENTURY_LOSER_CARGO1 – 21st Century Loser by Sir Reg
2 – The Emerald City by The Tossers
3 – The Broken Pavement of Avondale by Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers
4 – No Loyalty Among Thieves by The Vandon Arms
5 – Signed and Sealed In Blood by Dropkick Murphys
6 – No Man’s War by Lexington Field
7 – Fire It Up by The Narrowbacks
8 – Two Years Enough by Brick Top Blaggers
9 – Winners & Boozers by Fiddler’s Green
10 – New Hazardous Design by The Biblecode Sundays

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