The Don Darlings New Album Is Out

The re-release is upon us!!

The Don Darlings –  “The Don Darlings”
*Dark Southern Americana
*Recorded in Paul-Lincke Studios in Berlin
Don Alsterberg (Graveyard, Junip) have mixed the album

Like a dying heart at the bottom of a muddy black hole, The Don Darlings pump forth grinding sorrow with a confident genuineness that would probably impress both Nick Cave and Tom Waits alike. This is a very successful hybrid of the blackest soul of country with the hardest genres of Central Europe from the 80’s, with one foot in Dallas and the other in Berlin.”

These words come from a review of a live show the band performed at Way Out West-festival in 2011. By this time the band had received roaring reviews for their debut album, The Shortest Straw, which helped propel them onto the end of the year “best of ” lists in native Sweden, like Sonic and Dagens Skiva. They had also already gone on several European tours.

 The Don Darlings hailed sound has been associated with the genre called Dark Southern Americana, where Sergio Leone and Quentin Tarantino bloody knuckles over direction while Waits and Cave complete the soundtrack. Text and music become intertwined and every song proposes the possibility of a new cinematic experience.
With the prospect of new record round the corner, the band followed their analogue dreams. They decided to record at Paul-Lincke Studios in Kreuzberg, Berlin as well as bring in Don Alsterberg (Graveyard, Junip) to mix the album and bring it all back home. The record cracks and sparkles, rustling forward through a fateful musical landscape where troubled love meets madness. While the debut record directly reflected what the band delivered on stage, this record manifests something more subtle and pensive. The dark undertones have become more prominent. The disharmonies more apparent. The Don Darlings are going to warm many souls this fall or, at the very least, make them more restless.




1. Resurrection
2. Provide me an angel
3. If you can’t be good
4. Transcendental noise
5. Noose ‘round my neck
6. Moonshine baby
7. Away from me
8. Right side of murder
9. Julius the misanthrope
10. Let the river run

Nov. 7 Pustervik, Göteborg, Swe w/ Coffinshakers

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