Laid Back and Life-Flavored Country Music with a Finnish “twang”

Scandinavian melancholia, the perfect ingredient for authentic and genuine Nashville Country.

Jykä Sirainen – New Digital Single “Life Goes On” Out Now On HepTown Records

This is the country hit of winter 2021, a song that will get us through this year and another wave of corona bullshit. Consider it a sneak peak for the upcoming full length album to be released within the year.

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Sadness, is something that seems undeniably linked to, and an important element of Country music as a genre. On the same hand, Finland seems like the kind of country that really captivates that kind of melancholia, that sadness, that woe. It’s the kind of get home from a rough, no, miserable day—a day that lasts a lifetime—pour a whiskey and drown the hardships down kind of vibe that resonates so well with the underlying tones and melodies of a lot of Nashville’s country. It comes as no surprise then to find that some of the most Nashville sounding country we have heard comes from Finland, from the lyrics, stylings, and voice of Jykä Sirainen.

“Now that is country music boy!” – Peanut Montgomery

Jykä Sirainen was born and raised in a small town by a blue collar family, a background that  has truly defined who he is– the morals, the values, the integrity and passion for anything and everything he does.

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“Country music has been here with me, since 1978 to be precise, when my mom introduced me to Merle Haggard’s “Working Man Blues”. I still vividly remember the first gig I had, it was the livingroom couch and under a floor lamp, my parents being there as my first audience – that’s why the first song on the album is called “Leather Couch & Cheap Guitar”. That’s where it all started from.”

In contemporary musical terms, Finland most often conjures up images of metal, death metal, guitars, Norse god inspired noise, and big hair wrapped up in distortion and black clothes. That image, while true, might start to be changing a bit:

“Coming from Finland, the country with the highest per capita measure of metal bands in the world, I naturally spent most of my musically active years of recording and touring as a bass player for hard rock bands, proudly carrying my super-long hair on my shoulders (maybe a few chips as well…) – all the while country music was pounding deeply in my heart, crying out like the Grand Ole Opry”.

Hardcore version of Jykä playing bass, feeling that Country music deep in his heart

So take a listen to this first single from Jykä, pour up a whisky, and close your eyes. Odds are you won’t know where in the world you are. Nashville or Finland—it doesn’t matter if it is true and genuine country music.

“This is what we needed right now. Pour me up a whiskey and remember that LIFE GOES ON” – Roy Dickens

“This first single release, “Life Goes On”, is just me talking to myself and questioning if I ever really put enough life into living. There was a period in my life when I hardly recognized myself. I was too busy with being busy, helping others, and in doing so, completely forgetting myself and those closest to me. I guess this is a very relatable story in this ever-so-hectic modern society where lots of things are based more on a want than a need. Eventually – despite your choices – Life Goes On.”

Life Goes On is availible for streaming and watching now!

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