Jet Black Combo – Southern Style

Jet Black Combo – Southern Style

As you may remember, some of the guys in Jet Black Combo used to really tear it up, leaving no one untouched playing together in the now legendary band 69-HARD. Jet Black Combo was formed in october 2004 out of the remains of 69-HARD after the members had continued in various projects without any succes. Back together again, the line-up was completed as A Grufstedt on horns and acoustic guitar and Marcel Stub on drums joined.

The band booked their first gig at famous Punkabilly Bash in Copenhagen before the band had ever rehearsed or even had a name. The guys did about 8 rehearsals, got themselves a record deal (without the record company even hearing a tone first) and cut thirteen songs in two days, early 2005.

The record ”Out of Control” came out in the spring of 2005 and received good press all over the world. The band still gives a ferousious, high performance live act and has allready played with many great artists such as Robert Gordon, Kings Of Nuthin, Wild Wax Combo and Buckshoots.

On ”Southern Style” the band has taken the music further. This time the cry of Jet Black Combo is filthier, sweatier and even more gritty as the band take us south to the humid marshlands of Lousianna. The album offers real county tunes, mixed rock n roll songs as well a some hard core rockabilly tunes. A warning should be issued thoguh: taking a tour into Jet Black Combo land Southern Style may leave you with no means to return.

Given a chance be sure to check this live act out.


Vocals: Kalle Metz

Guitars: Mats Jeppsson

Double bass: Christian Fridlund

Drums: Marcel Strub

Horns: Andreas Gruvstedt


1. My machine

2. King of kings

3. Wanna do what!?

4. Cool Cat Club

5. As I am

6. Born a sinner, die a saint

7. Too hot to handle

8. Sweer Thing

9. Sad Sober and Sorry

10 Cherry baby

11 Lord, keep an eye on me

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