Mockingbirds – Always Late And Not Even Close

Mockingbirds – Always Late And Not Even Close

The Mockingbirds have become an established name on the Swedish punk scene over the last few years, due to their intense live performance. The band have their hearts in old school punk but with a current sound developed and refined over the years appreciated by their live audience as well as fanzines.

”Always late & not even close” – The title show some recentment and for good reasons. The later years have been dominated by an incredible roller coaster ride with band members in and out of jail, insane asylum and broken relationships. Band members have through all this kept their vision as well as their love for punk rock intact.

”Always late & not even close” is packed with all this: love, frustration as well as full lunacy. The Mockingbirds have dared to let in more musical influences than before. The album contains pop melodies as well as furios hard core. On a few cuts the punk rock have been substituted for a horn section and backed up with vocals from Linda, Hanna and Anna from Swedish ska band Bustups. Back up vocals are of course provided by crew buddies through out the entire album.

The album is summed up in the true anthem ”Never Change, Never Fade”: “We never played it safe / did things our own way / … / we’ll never change, we’ll never fade!”


1. Hello!

2. Rather Be At Home

3. This Place

4. Mercy

5. 1-2-3-4 (I Don’t Like You)

6. Leave Me Alone

7. Going Down

8. Zeke Hood

9. Pete’s Song

10. Next Time Around

11. Never Change, Never Fade

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