Various – We Would Like To Do You Some Damage

Various – We Would Like To Do You Some Damage

We Would Like To Do You Some Damage is HepTown Records first label sampler and comes out from the event “Terminal Damage Act I”

The last years have seen HepTown Records grow into being one of the leading underground labels of Scandinavia. The label has seen successes as Cherry Overdrive, the DMA nomination of J.Tex & The Volunteers, Screamin’ Eric’s been recognized as best Danish punk release, The Untamed appearing in the sound track of Swedish cult horror flick “Frostbiten”, El Ray, recognized modern surf kings, President Fetch, Denmark’s oldest, playing punk band, jazz queen Gunhild Carling and having the roster appearing in Mad Fabricator Society’s latest release with The Buckshots, Cyclones, The Untamed and El Ray.

The label that started out as a local swing label and has turned out having the hottest roster in Scandinavia has now decided to celebrate it’s 5th anniversary together with life style clothes line De Palma. The anniversary is a milestone and it’s celebrated on two ocassions.

First out comes the sampler “We Would Like To Do You Some Damage Act I”.

Track listing:

1. El Ray – Carhire From Hell

2. Cyclones – Change Your Mind

3. Cherry Overdrive – Cheryl’s Faith

4. The Buckshots – Black Cadillac

5. President Fetch – Pour The Liquer

6. The Beatitude – Jump

7. J Tex & The Volunteers – Misery

8. Swing Of Sahara – El Cannibal

9. Wreckers – Sleepwalking Butcher

10. Dixon Speed – Lord Be My Witness

11. The Mockingbirds – 1-2-3-4

12. Astrolites – Rumble In The City

13. The Untamed – Postcard From Hell

14. J Tex & The Volunteers – Deep, Deep Valley

15. Screamin’ Eric – Bad Girl

16. El Ray – Chainsaw Boogie

17. Cyclones – Green Eyed Blonde

18. The Beatitude – Cacaphony

19. The Buckshots – Ten Wheels For Jesus

20. Cherry Overdrive – What It Takes

21. The Mockingbirds – This Place

22. Astrolites – Hard Luck

23. Wreckers – The World Must Die

24. President Fetch – Victimized

25. Screamin’ Eric – I Love It, I’ve Had It

26. The Untamed – Why Do I

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