Betty Blue & The Boat Gig Crew – DEMO

Betty Blue & The Boat Gig Crew – DEMO

[CD Sleeve]


Vintage Swing Music From The Harlem Ballroom Era!

Betty and her boys are well known (good or bad?) in the HepTown Swing scene Copenhagen/South Sweden!

Understandable as smashing some hearts on the road and delivering the sweet forbidden rhythms that throw dancing spells on any audience. So to speak, they make swinging’ cats and kittens go… Crazy Baby!!!

There working right know on there premiere debut at you’re label HepTown Records and as planned it hit the streets in late fall 2007.

Stay Tuned you cat’s and kitten’s…

Here’s there current DEMO…

The tunes are recorded live at Studenterhuset in Copenhagen, Denmark 2006 and at Club HepCat, Lund 2005.

Track listing:

1. Frim Fram Sauce

2. Them There Eyes

3. Zoot Suit Riot

4. One Hour Drive

5. Bei Mir Bist Du Schöen

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