Beatitude – …And The Bag Of Cacophony

Beatitude – …And The Bag Of Cacophony



Beatitude – …And The Bag Of Cacophony

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The Beatitude is the new five-pice punk/new wave/power pop combo that shares their crazy, happy music and strong statements like early punk bands á la B52s and X-Ray Spex.

The Beatitude have in a true DIY manner toured in USA between cities, arranging their own shows in concert with local bands.

The Beatitude was introduced to danish listeners of DR P3’s program The Electric Barometer and climbed up to second place in the first week. Second week The Beatitude/Jump conquered top position.

The Beatitude are:

Lars Buck Knudsen bass/vocals

Casper Schultz drums/vocals

Jacob Olsen guitar/vocals

Ursula Sondergaard violin/vocals

Karin Jonch-Clausen vocals/vocals

Track listing:

1. Jump (On This Hierarcy)

2. Hymn To The Hen

3. La Direction De Revolution

4. Cacophony

5. Blowing My Space

6. Texaco Pepsico

7. The World Is Wrong

8. Dualism Fails

9. New Species

10. Blown Away

11. Ace Is Strange

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