Carling Family – Hot Jazz

Carling Family – Hot Jazz



Carling Family – Hot Jazz

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The Carling family is back with composers such as Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Richard Wagner plus five songs self-penned by Hans Carling.

Wether it be in a smooth, laidback way or a leg-jerking way, it’s certainly all served in the famous Carling ‘Hot Jazz’ way.


01 Lohengrin

02 The Queer Man

03 The Count Steps In

04 That’s My Home

05 Han Hade Seglat För Om Masten

06 A Room With A View

07 Royal Garden Blues

08 In My Solitude

09 Everybody Loves My Baby

10 Night And Day

11 Happy Go Lucky Local

12 Fakirens Sång

13 Dinah

14 Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Hertz

15 The Man I Love

16 Wabash Blues

17 Mera Kan Man Ej Begära

18 Saint Louis Blues

19 Whispering Breeze

20 Brook

21 Tres Moutarde

22 Tjecken

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