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Do you enjoy Rise Against, NoFx, Bad religion, Billy talent and Alkaline Trio?And do you miss what Green Day, Millencolin, Blink 182 and Sum41 used to be?
Still listen to those great, Swedish punk acts of the nineties?
Then Trevolt:s album debut ”I all hast” definitely is for you.

Founded as recently as 2008 by three seasoned punk rockers quitting various projects lacking the heart they felt their music needed, they wasted no time- in an unprecedented fit of inspiration they quickly releases their first EP and, only months later, its follow-up.

Both were quickly picked up and are critically acclaimed.

Playing show after show across Sweden and Denmark and at numerous festival the support that built up in front of the stage and online confirmed what Trevolt already new: A lot of people had been waiting for a new band playing fast, melodic punk rock with enough originality to last and a sense for the genre that dos not make them seem synthetic.

Trevolt writes their songs based on a firm backbone of strong melodies, sung with powerful harmonies in their native tongue. Their fast-paced punk rock tunes rocks just as hard at the party as it does on stage, on the dance floor or booming over a political rally.


David Johansson – bass/vocals/backing vocals
Adam Blomgren – guitar/vocals/backing vocals (works as a cartoonist for one of Sweden’s most popular cartoon magazines, “Bamse”)
Erik Billing – Drums (well known participant of the Swedish version of ”Survivor” 2009 ).

You either love e’m or like e´m. It’s as simple as that.

01. Prolog
02. Kan Inte Se Dig
03. Mitt Sista Andetag
04. Stanna Upp
05. Söm För Söm
06. Svagheten
07. Vägvisare
08. En Ny Nyans Av Grått
09. Aldrig På En Dag
10. En Tid Med Dig
11. Hindrar Mig
12. Labyrinten
13. Pank
14. I Minsta Detalj
15. Mitt Liv
16. Evigt Spel
17. Epilog

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