New Astrolites album out 19 Nov. in Sweden – world wide 28 Jan. 2011

Astrolites ”PLAY FOR KEEPS” – HTR052 – CD
Out 19 Nov. in Swe. – world wide 28 January 2011.


Behind Astrolites there are no secrets; it’s pure and honest rock ‘n’ roll. Astrolites live what they preach – out to their fingertips. With a passion for hot rods, cool motorcycles and awesome music, they know what they are talking about and can supply it. It is explosive, well played and more authentic than this, it’s not many bands in this genre that can deliver. At an Astrolites live performances can not help but draw a smile or to be carried away by the intense soundbites.

Since their debut “Hard Luck” in 2007, they have toured widely in most parts of Europe. The music has been heard on soundtracks and a variety of compilations, most recently the acclaimed rockabilly tribute sampler “DANCING ON YOUR GRAVES” to the Hellacopters.

Astrolites have taken their influences from be-bop, swing, rockabilly, surf and punk. All the ingredients are mixed with the bands intense live prominence to their own style which they call “Hi-Speed rockabilly”.
“Play For Keeps” prove their capacity to do so.

The trio has shared the stage with such International acts Caravans, Slim Jim Phantom, Darrel Higham, Devil Doll, Mad Sin, Go Getters, and felt the Baseballs on the pulse.

Astrolites was born in 2002 as Tom Wilson & Astrolites. Three years later set the current setting when the singer and guitarist Örjan Jonsson (Raging HELL BILLY’S, ALIEN COWBOYS) was joined by drummer Marku Kallunki (Raging HELL BILLY’S, ALIEN
COWBOYS) and the legendary bas player Uno Eiving (BLACK OUT, JACK BAYMORE,
GREEN Kryptonite, right now album debut with “Radiation”).

1. Chop Top 49
2. Rock n Roll Star
3. Devil Woman
4. Astrolito
5. I’m Coming Home
6. Here I Am
7. Go Rebel Go
8. Don´t Be Shy
9. Smiley
10. Roll With The Dead
11. Camtwister
12. Ring of Fire
13. Nothing Last Forever



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