Lady Luck Combo A New Rockabilly Album

Out in Sweden: May 17 2013
Rest of the world: May 31 2013

“Waiting For A Train” is Swedish Lady Luck Combo’s smokin´ debut album. With their roots in rockabilly and rock´n´roll they move between related genres to create something entirely their own! The record´s introduction “Peggy Lee” is nothing more than a knockout at a furious speed!

With songs like “Cry Over You” and “Waiting For A Train” the band reaches the world of country, while “Rockabilly Reaper” and “Train To Catch” breathes Psychobilly! The band’s fascination for surf music also finds it´s place in the energetic “Surf Gadget” and the almost hypnotic “The Missing Link”, while the classic rockabilly is represented in “She Went To Vegas” and “Be-Bop-A-Lulu.

Influences you might hear includes Johnny Cash, Link Wray, Johnny Burnette, Carl Perkins, but the songs are, with one exception (“Broken Heart” by The Moonlighters, a forgotten classic!) original compositions, all performed with great virtuosity and expression.

Listen here to the first single “Be-Bop-A-LuLu” from the album!

The recording took place in Studio Möllan where they captured the raw and honest sound you only get from a well balanced rockabilly trio. All music is recorded live in the studio to make it as authentic as possible, only vocals and certain effects are added afterwards

Lady Luck Combo was formed in 2009 and is based in Malmö / Helsingborg – Sweden. A classic trio with Guitar, Bass and Drums, who got their aiming high with their distinctive and aggressive sound! With more than 130 gigs in their CV, they have already made ​​an impact on the Scandinavian rockabilly scene. To name a few past shows: South Island Rumble (DK), Debaser, Helsingborg festival, Vasteras High School Hop, Barnyard Rumble (DK), The Tivoli, etc.

Lady Luck Combo is: Martin Blad – Vocals/Guitar, Marcus Närvik – Bass, Per Bökberg – Drums

1 Peggy Lee
2 She Went To Vegas
3 Waiting for A Train
4 Be-Bop-A-LuLu
5 Train To Catch
6 Cry Over You
7 Bad Boy Bop
8 Surf Gadget
9 Drinks ´N´ Booze
10 Broken Heart
11 Rockabilly Reaper
12 The Missing Link

2013-05-24 RELEASEPARTY Nya Tröls i Malmö
2013-05-25 HepCat Day – Lund
2013-05-25 Charles Dickens – Helsingborg
2013-06-01 High School Hop #4 – Västerås
2013-06-08 JA Ranch – Strömsnäsbruk
2013-06-21/22 Koolville Avenue Festival – Danmark
2013-07-06 Rockabilly Hillbilly Hoedown #2 – Kölleröd
2013-07-13 Bröllop
2013-07-19 The Tivoli, Verandan – Helsingborg
2013-07-20 Devils Run – Kivik
2013-07-25 Helsingborgsfestivalen 60-talstältet kl 23.30-01.00
2013-07-27 Big Block – Klippan
2013-08-02 Glostrup Bodega – Köpenhamn
2013-08-09 Killhults Countryfestival
2013-08-10 Cardinals Junkjard Jamboree feat Pat C Miller – Hammarlunda
2013-08-16 The Tivoli, Verandan – Helsingborg
2013-08-24 Privat fest – Dagstorp
2013-09-07 Köpenhamn – Danmark
2013-09-28 Rockabilly Rumble – Knislinge
2013-10-05 Rockabilly Party – Billesholm


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