I Choose Knife, ”here’s something for everyone to enjoy”

Today marks the debut of a great constellation of musicians, with histories from bands like The Mockingbirds, Call it Garbo and Vånna inget, together they make up the Adult-Rock post punk band, I Choose Knife. Emerging on the scene with a digital EP, this project will be sure to gain traction in no time. It is the kind of easy going rock we can all bob our heads to, and looking forward to doing exactly that at some crowded venues here soon. Released on HepTown Records, the Digi EP is available on all major streaming platforms, and for purchase at Bandcamp

”I choose knife is as much a story about four old friends and their love of all sorts of punkrock as it is a story about the search for the perfect name for a band.
Daniel, Francke, Andreas and Frank in I choose knife has known each other for a long time and has acts like The Mockingbirds, Call it Garbo and Vånna inget between them. This is however the first time they all play together and realized from the first time they got together that this band’s gonna be something else. The songs fell into place almost immediately and it felt like this was gonna be something fresh and fun. Not only do they all bring something different to the table with Frank being a excellent singer songwriter,

Andreas a world class drummer and Daniel one of the most productive song makers ever, their influences span from Soul, garage, early Hardcore to melodic punk. Bass player Francke trys to sum it up “I would like to call our music simply Adult punkrock. We blend and mix so many influences spanning from the 60s up until today, here’s something for everyone to enjoy”. When the friends decided to take the next step and present themselves to the world there was the problem with finding the perfect name for a band. This literally took years and is to this day the hardest obstacle the band has faced. Well world are you ready for I choose knife cause they certainly are!”


I Choose Knife (bandcamp.com)