Darkness is upon us. The word is going bananas.

In the middle of this Existenz releases not one but two brand new fast and furious songs
SOUND OF LIFE and WAKE UP TO REALITY and they are available on all streaming services.Never forget to Fight for Freedom! See you on the road!

Fresh out of a god damn pandemic and the world is ready for a breather, but a little man in Russia has other plans. It is a tense environment in Europe right now, the likes of which most of us never though we would see. So it goes. This is the sound of life, an unexpected boom of bullshit at every corner, ready to tackle you in the middle of your happy claps. Existenz captures this mood perfectly, and it is a brilliant execution. Fresh off some stages with the Cockney Rejects and Rival Leaders at Plan B in Malmo, and planned gigs with , The Headlines, Exploited– they are really taking the scene by force.

The second Digi single releases Friday March 18th, 2 new songs that appear on all major streaming sites, and of course available for purchase at Existenz (bandcamp.com)

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