VEX: Living Up To Low Expectations Album Release!

Living up to low expectations (released September 2nd 2022) is the follow-up to Vex’s award winning debut album (Best debut at Synthsläggan 2021). Ten songs of thrilling dance punk bonanza!

Dance punk
Electronic post-punk
Synth pop

Selling points
• Dance punk bonanza!
• Uplifting pop-hit choruses!
• Cool basslines & catchy melodies!
• Electronic and energetic!
• Überstrong follow up to the award-winning solo debut

Louder Than War Review!

Relish the eclectic energy from the likes of Devo, Pete Shelley, B52s or any early 1980s weirdo you prefer. With a playful attitude, racing across genres with irresistible hooks and choruses, it’s all just really entertaining.

All songs were written, performed and recorded by Tobias Kastberg. This album, as well as the first one, was mixed and mastered by Gustav Brunn (Timbuktu, Mando Diao, Yung Lean) at GG All In studio. This time Tobias brought in some additional vocals from Frida Ekerlund, who also joins Vex on stage. The album is released on CD and on digital platforms plus a limited cassette. The 50 cassettes contain two extra songs, remixes from the first album.

Vex started in 2019 as the solo act from Tobias Kastberg, previously in electro punk duo & live act action-phenomena The Guilt. Kooky and a bit goofy, Vex embraces the weirdness and dances on the fence of camp.

1. Science fiction
2. Hell is other people
3. Saboteur
4. Ha ha ha ha ha
5. Sleeper
6. Tonight’s entertainment
7. Bad music
8. I have anxiety
9. Astronaut
10. The music is alright

Saboteur Music Video

VEX can be found on BandcampSpotify Instagram.

PREODER CD HERE (Due to forces beyond our control, the CD will be delayed 1 week)