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Dixon Speed – Rhythm & Speed [Promo CDS]

Mr. Cab Speed:

Your no. 1 drummer in Scandinavia. You’ll not find any drum beating monster in town as tight as this muthafucker. Skiffle, shuffle, bossanova, whatever the style. Mr. Speed is here to rock your butt off. Get naked, get on the beat, beat, beat, beat: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

Mr. Car Dixon:

He represents the finest of self taught guitarists on the Scandinavian RocknRoll scene. You will not get more authentic sounding guitar solos from any student at the music academy. Not even the guys studying 60’ies soul/r’n’b fuck. This is fuckin’ rock’m’roll! Don’t mess with it. We go BLUES STYLE!!!

Here’s their first CD-single – Rock your socks off!


01 Electrostatic Love

02 Don’t Wanna Go

03 Wrote A Letter

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