A great review from Skurkarnas new album “Crimewave Escapade” that was out last Friday Oct 5 2012.
From the classic Surf Rock Music by Justin Hayes. A quote:
“A Crimewave Escapade combines excellent style, superb musicianship and great imagination into villainous acts of delinquency. Skurkarna must have met Dick Tracy’s ‘Rogues Gallery’ somewhere in time because they sure are in touch with them.
Watch out Gothenburg City. Watch out Sweden. Watch out Europe. Watch out World. These bad guys of crime have mayhem on their minds … and A Crimewave Escapade has criminal intent written all over it. It’s meaner than a gang of bad-tempered henchmen and cooler than a double shot of whiskey on ice. It’s bad-ass crime noir to the freakin’ bone. “

See Skurkarna perform here at their release party Oct 5 2012 at Pustervik/GBG/Swe.

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