Support J.Tex & The Volunteers new album

CDCOVERx500Raising money to fund the bands new album “Old Ways vs. New Days”!

My name is Jens Einer – a.k.a. J. Tex. I’m the singer and songwriter in my band J. Tex & The Volunteers, and also play the guitar, banjo and violin. I was born in Detroit, in the USA, but I grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have been playing different instruments since I was six.

The band and I have been working on our next album, and we need your help to finish it. It’s firmly rooted in American folk music but with a twist. Taking instruments from American folk music and torn up beats, we’ll mix European and American flavors to produce a new take on a classic sound. It’s a strong, warm and friendly album for respect to friends and families. The album will be called “Old Ways – New Days”, and with your help we hope to raise enough money to get it done.

Raising money to fund the bands new album “Old Ways vs. New Days here!