New Video – The Bristles “The End” (Greenpeace 2012)

New video The Bristles  – The End!
Check it out here!

“The End” is from The Bristles new album “Bigger than Punk” (out now).
The film is from Greenpeace UK for “The Go Beyond Oil campaign” focusing on ending our dependence on this finite and destructive source of energy. The Go Beyond Oil campaign is about exposing the effects of oil exploration, and encouraging people to help create a future free of pollution and devastation. The film is used by permission.
For more information about Greenpeace’s campaign, check out

A song about global warming?
– Yep. A fat sign why neoliberals are wrong. “The market” simply doesn’t fix this humanitarian problem. It’s also provides a sick twist to the advocates of capitalism and their claim that history has come to an end with capitalism. If they’re right the Earth’s doomed.
– A cool organisation doing necessary things.

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