City Lights is the new Christmas single by Westcoast Backbeat Orchestra

VEX is Back! New Single Out Friday 25/7

”When You Are Completely Stuck And You Finally Give Up And Move On” — New Single From Råhypnos June 3rd

J. Tex – Broken Rose – Single Out Now

J.Tex: Neon Lights and Little White Lies Release


Råhynos – new album out now!

Finnegan’s Hell new album on Spotify and the new video

VET HUT – new single and video

RÅHYPNOS release a new single and video

VET HUT “BRON” – new single

FINNEGAN’S HELL – new Christmas video and single

VET HUT – new single and video

COMBAT ROCK – “Need A Riot” brand new single OUT NOW

THE BRAMLEYS – S/T – long before Irish-punk and Celtic-punk exists

FINNEGAN’S HELL “Live at Woodstock” – New single out now

Babian – new album out now

The Guilt – new album out now!

New single from Babian

New video exclusive from The Guilt on GAFFA

Topplock new album “Overlord” on Spotify

Babian new double album May 26

New teaser video for The Guilts upcoming single

Topplock – the debut album is out now

New single and video (lyrics) from Topplock

Babian new album in 2017

Topplock new album out Feb 24 2017

Out now MÖRK albums + New Video

Mörk re-mastered out Dec. 16

Soilwork singer Björn Strid release a single with Punktus + release party

A new Christmas single from Lady Luck Combo

Råhypnos release live version of the song Hollow, from national Swedish Radio

Topplock – “Boogie Till You Barf” – old school boogie hardrock/stoner

Dark Indie Meets Modern Pop

Råhypnos​ No 4 At Stockholm College Radio​ list

“Let’s dance to Joy Divison and celebrate the irony”

New The Bristles single/video released on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2016

A Neil Young song – the new single from The Don Darlings

DADA 36 – “på liv och död” – a new series

Old Stuff

The Bristles New Album Out Now

Gunhild Carling New Album Out Nov. 13 2015

All My Exes New Album Out Now!

The Don Darlings New Single and Gigs

A New Song From The Upcoming Album by Gunhild Carling

All My Exes​ “From The Hen House” out later this spring!

This Weeks Best Album

J.Tex & The Volunteers New Album Out January 30

Finnegan’s Hell – “Drunken Christmas” single & video

The Clan – Irish Rock n’ Folk band new album

New Single/Video From J.Tex & The Volunteers

The Don Darlings New Album Is Out

The Don Darlings no.2 at Stockholm College Radio

Finnegan’s Hell video is No.1

A New Single From Gunhild Carling

The Don Darlings – new single/video

The Don Darlings are Signed

A New Video And Album Out Now From Finnegan’s Hell

The X-Rated trailer from Finnegan’s Hell

New EP/video from Miners Outfit

The new single/video from Finnegan’s Hell

Finnegan’s Hell New Single/Video out June 4:th

New single/video from Miners Outfit feat. Mia Coldheart (Crucified Barbara)

Finnegan’s Hell on Heptown Records label

The Bristles new single on International Workers’ Day

Record Store Day – TIME SCHEDULE

ToughMFs New Video

2 New Releases on RSD14 – ToughMFs & Lady Luck Combo

Record Store Day on Saturday April 26

Vånna Inget at our shop at Record Store Day!

ToughMFs – Record Store Day Release

Record Store Day in our shop Hepcat Store

New Vinyl EP from Lady Luck Combo

THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY – Letters From The Road Less Travelled out now!

New Records In Our Shop!

Listen to Vånna Inget & The Bristles new singles

Vånna Inget Etta på Studentradiolistan

The Bristles New Video/Single on International Women´s day

ToughMFs new 7″ single with members from Queens of the Stone Age

Vote For SIR REG – Bandit Rock Awards

Happy Holidays

SIR REG Germany Tour March 12-21 2014

SIR REG Best Album 2013

SIR REG Best Album 2013 at Paddy Rock

Saturday Dec. 7 at Mejeriet, Lund – X MAS BASH 2013

News November 2013

Heptown Records distribute The Ramshackle Army Next Album


Vånna Inget bästa album i Close Up

Ny Platta med Gunhild Carling

New Single from J.Tex & The Volunteers


Citat Vånna Inget

Vånna Inget Gigs!

Miners Outfit EP Out Nov 11

A new single from J.Tex & The Volunteers

The New Vånna Inget Album Out October 25

New Video From Vånna Inget

Interview with Karolina in Vånna Inget for PSL